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Progress bar which measure process of openining page

Started by aurelCB, February 28, 2009, 06:07:56 am

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I have questions for browser with progress bar.
For example is there a chance to implement progress bar
which will be able display current progress of opening web page
in browser program,like have many modern browsers?
Which API I must use for that?
( i just gues maby GetCurrentProcess or something like that?)
So I need that progress bar start when I press button GO(0%) and
finish (100%) when page is completly open?
I hope that someone of you know how do this.

Joske from CM tell me this:
QuoteYes you can start a timer at navigation start, but there is no way to measure the progress until you receive an @navcomplete and you know the progress is 100%...

thanks advance...
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Ionic Wind Support Team

The only language right now that you can get the progress percentage directly from the browser control is Aurora.  Although I may add support for it to Emergence in the next update since the code is already written and Aurora/Emergence share the same library.

Ionic Wind Support Team


Thanks Paul :)
So I must jump to Aurora-wow.
That would be real chalenge for me becouse I never made any program in Aurora before.
Hmm i'm little courius - is it posiblle write dll in Aurora which contain browser and then load
this dll in Creative Basic and work with progress bar?
Uff I will try :-\
forum for hobby programming:<br />