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Problems with GLFW examples

Started by sapero, March 20, 2009, 03:38:08 AM

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GLFW is a free, Open Source, portable framework for OpenGL application development. In short, it is a single library providing a powerful, portable API for otherwise operating system specific tasks such as opening an OpenGL window, and reading keyboard, time, mouse and joystick input.

I have downloaded it and started with porting the examples, but without success. Each ported example draws incomplete figures, or the figure is visible in the first frame only.
I'm using the binary dll from glfw.bin.WIN32\lib-mingw subfolder.
Three examples and first two lessons attached.


I try all examples which i found on your zip.
I copy glfw.dll like you say but no one example dont work on Aurora 1.1(RC1).
Is there problem in old release?


Lesson1 and lesson 2 compile and all I see is a black screen flashing for a very short period and the program terminates.



You have just confirmed my suspicions, this library is not worth the work. In the gears example, the biggest gear is visible/colorized if you first rotate it to see the second 'side', or if you activate/deactivate the window.
By the way, i saw window animation and system parameters changes in the source code. WM_PAINT is unhandled, and there is no direct way to get the window handle.