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just wanted to show you guys something i've been messing around with.

Started by pistol350, October 29, 2008, 07:20:58 AM

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2D character animation.

You can find a small 2D application with graphics attached to that post.
Actually I am not good at drawing so i just used a well known character "Venom"  that i found on the web a few years ago.
:-\ Unfortunately, I no longer remember where i found the artworks but i just edited the files to fit my needs and i finally put them together to create blocks of
frames to use in my animations. If someone ever find the artworks for that character somewhere, i would be glad to notify the authors that i used their charcater in this simple demo.

You can make the character walkf walkb, Super jump ...err i think that is all he can do  :D
I don't shared the code now as i have much work to do to clean it up.
Moreover i still need to work more on that program to get it further.
Any comments, suggestions or whatever would be appreciated.


Peter B.


Is this written in Aurora?
look very good...
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Hi aurel!

It was written in Ebasic.
Actually i've already reposted that to ebasic forum as i noticed my mistake.
I just forgot to delete that thread.
see that link :,2864.msg23854.html#new

Peter B.