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SYSTEM cbasic.exe problem

Started by Allan, October 17, 2008, 06:34:42 pm

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I am unable to get SYSTEM to function as I understand it in the Help file.
Is there something I am not seeing in the code, please?

Code snippet...
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' file in current folder ...
CBString = getstartpath + ""
' The following works but is not what I NEED to do !!!!

' different file ...
' CBString = "C:\Program Files\Ionic Wind\Creative BASIC\samples\"

' I NEED The following to work  !!!! (Opens Creative Basic but NOT the CBSring file)
SYSTEM "C:\Program Files\Ionic Wind\Creative BASIC\cbasic.exe", CBString

' does not work in long hand ...
' SYSTEM "C:\Program Files\Ionic Wind\Creative BASIC\cbasic.exe", "C:\Program Files\Ionic Wind\Creative BASIC\samples\"


Ionic Wind Support Team

Creative IDE doesn't support opening files from the command line directly unless using DDE, such as double clicking on an extension, or using the start command with the command prompt


The original reason for this was to prevent a blank .cba file from always opening when the program was started.  And the fact it would be rare to use it directly from a command line ;)

Ionic Wind Support Team

Ionic Wind Support Team

However, I can modify it to support it, if you really need it for something.
Ionic Wind Support Team


I do need it.

But I think there is another way to open files in progs other than SYSTEM.

I will see if I can dig it up and try it instead.



Ionic Wind Support Team

That would work, with the "open" verb.  Which uses the registry and DDE.
Ionic Wind Support Team