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window within a window! when i click on any button w2 is @swhide!

Started by hugh, September 18, 2008, 04:55:48 PM

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any suggestions please.
below is the code, which i wish to create a new window with, and  make it @swhide when the button,[START BINGO] is clicked
this is to stop FLASHING when a number is called, ie the called number has its color changed and is RECTed, it can be seen through
the black background' the window should be at outer perimiter of the  rectangle  in the code below.
disregard the minus,msw,numl,plus, i know i have to make the window a child of the parent, as w1 is the parent, w2 is child, or
am i getting it wrong?.
w1 is the parent window

openwindow w2,178,r-minus,msw-356,numl+plus,@nocaption|@noborder,0,"",&w1handler
setwindowcolor w2,rgb(o,o,o)
RECT w2,178,r-minus,msw-356,numl+plus,rgb(125,100,50),rgb(0,0,0)

then the following code is CONTROLS which are placed inside the w2 rectangle.
this is just the first line if the code, it is in a FOR, NEXT,  Loop
I just need a nudge in the right direction as to HOW!.
i hope i have given a enough information

CONTROL w2,@STATIC,ltrim$(str$(z)),c-15,r-10,20,18,1,Z
SETSIZE w2,c-37,r-25,r1,40,z
setfont w2,"Ariel",25,800,0,z
rect w2,l-5,t-23,w+4,h+3,rgb(140,0,0),rgb(255,0,0)

any HELP, CRITICISM appreciated.




This is a duplicate entry of what was entered a few minutes later in the EBasic-General area.

Needs to be eliminated.

Larry McCaughn :)
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