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Running extended browser control?

Started by lemmi, June 22, 2008, 11:37:33 AM

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June 22, 2008, 11:37:33 AM Last Edit: June 22, 2008, 11:40:27 AM by lemmi
Hello all,

I'm new on this board and just trying to become familiar with Aurora, thus still using the free version. In this context I also try to get the extended browser control running. I've installed the windows includes and use following includes in the application, which in fact is the browser_demo extended with the examples presented by sapero 2006:

#include "comlite.inc" // assume that this is a substitute for the com.inc used by sapero 2006
#include "objidl.inc"
#include "OleIdl.inc"
#include "MsHtmHst.inc"
#include "ExDisp.inc"
#include "winerror.inc"
#include "shlobj.inc"
#include "webbrowser.inc"

However, compiling fails with unknown types found in urlmon.inc and in propidl.inc.

Because the whole attempt I do with this example is based on code snippets from different sources and ages, I'm not sure to have a chance to get it working. Obviously the used includes are not the right one (i.e. comlite.inc) or not complete for this example or not in the right order.

Can somebody give me a hint? Or even an working example?

I would really appreciate it very much (and it would take me more and more towards a subscriber of Aurora).



Hello lemmi,

The com.inc was a temporary include file, ported from old IBasic language.
The comlite.inc will not help you much, it is for ActiveMovie and defines only some aliases.
Try with replacing comlite with windows.

Could you post a link to this topic?

I've found a "browser dragdrop.src" file with CExternal class - if this is the same file, remove all includes and paste this:
#include "MsHtmHst.inc"
#include "OleIdl.inc"
#include "shlobj.inc"
#include "webbrowser.inc"


Hi sapero,

yes, that will work, thanks a lot.

But still remaining two problems:

- w2a could not be resolved, could not find the related inc,
- msimg32.lib is lacking, I couldn't find it too.

Help would be greatly appreciated.



June 23, 2008, 03:04:25 PM #3 Last Edit: June 23, 2008, 03:12:05 PM by sapero
The w2a was aliased w2s, which allowed me to pass pointer instead wstring:
declare extern w2a alias W2S(pointer pwstr),heap;

msimg32.lib - from Aurora menu select Tools->Create import library, paste "msimg32.dll" and click OK (Included in Windows 98 or later).
* added to the sdk installer for next release.

I'll post some advanced browser examples in fev days, including popups handling, disabling javascript/images/activex, changing the user agent and preventing the browser from gaining focus, bluring and showing errors.


Hello Sapero,

It's running  :D ;D ::), thank you very much!

I'm looking forward for your examples.

In my small project (just for learning Aurora and Win application programming in my free time) I will try to run two applications, which shall communicate via an IPC method, maybe sockets or messaging. The main application shall launch the customized smart browser application for input/output while the main application is doing the data processing as hidden console application.
In my opinion such a composition is quite universal (the main application can be replaced without touching the browser application) and a smart browser will be able to render simple text but also complex output with comparable low effort (html).

But that will be the far future  ???. At the moment I'm fighting with all the beginner problems like the 'missing' msimg32.lib. ??? ???

Most likely I will be back here on the forum with other beginners-problems and will then hope to find someone having enough time for giving me some hints.

Sapero, thank you very much for your help,