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I want to publicly apologize.....

Started by 3Dpdk, March 18, 2008, 05:45:30 AM

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I want to publicly apologize for posting a subject that should have been handled in a more private manner.

I thank anyone who took the time to read and make comments to my post but to make amends for my poor decision of posting it publicly I have deleted the entire thread.


I only just caught your query before it disappeared ..  ::) - so I didn't have time to reply.

The key feature of forum support is that replies depend on who happens to be here at any given time, and whether they feel the question is something they can respond to.  They may think someone else may be more knowledgeable about a particular subject, and pass on, assuming someone will reply.  It may take a while before someone realises a question has not been dealt with.

Most visitors will have jobs, and be busy with their own work - so it results in a varying response time. :)

The site is currently trying an experiment in 'paid support'.  Unfortunately, not many users seem inclined to pay even a modest sum for access to the Forum - so the online userbase is currently quite small.  In past years, there used to be lots of people around, so questions were answered fairly quickly.

I can only ask that you stay patient - a response is usually certain.

all the best, :)


Tomorrow may be too late ..