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Combobox question

Started by Haim, December 06, 2007, 02:49:30 AM

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Can anyone tell me how to set the number of items that will be displayed in the dropped down list of a ComboBox, when it's being clicked upon.
It seems that the efault is 4. iI would like at least 8 items showing.



When you create the combobox the "h" paramater determines the max height of the dropdown window of choices.
   Create(int l,int t,int w,int h,int style,int nID,string title,CWindow *parent);
Remember, if the height entered when the combobox is created is greater than the height required to show all the choices the dropdown will be shortened so that there is no trailing white space.

Larry McCaughn :)
Author of IWB+, Custom Button Designer library, Custom Chart Designer library, Snippet Manager, IWGrid control library, LM_Image control library


Thanks Larry.
i'll try that out now.