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Remote file access plugin for Totalcmd

Started by sapero, November 10, 2007, 07:12:28 AM

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This plugin was written first for accessing files on virtually running WIndows 95 under VirtualPC, but it works with any PC connected to your local area network.
Here is not only the plugin, a server must be running on remote machine to complete the communication.

The remote file system is accessible from "Network places" button in TotalCommander -> VirtualMachines subfolder. After you enter VirtualMachines, the plugin will send a broadcast UDP packet and wait one second for replies from wfx-servers, then display a list of IP addresses as folders that you can now browse, copy, move, delete, upload...
Right click (loooong click) on VirtualMachines folder and select Properties, to show options dialog.

Is compiled as standalone executable, after tunning it will display a dialog with access permission and alloved IP list.
As first, you should add the IP of machine from which you will access 'remote' files. After closing the server, a ini file will be created. Set [Options] -> AutoHide = true to automatically start the server in tray.
Tested on win95 and XP.

The server uses only IP filtering and custom and simple communication protocol.

Copy bin\plugin\wfxvpc.wfx to totalcmd\plugins (optional), then select one from three steps:
a) regsvr32 wfxvpc.wfx
b) totalcommander->configuration->options->plugin->wfx->configure
c) the supplied bin\plugin\pluginst.inf file should do all for you


Nice work Separo

When do you know if you finished my tasks about the ParallelPort en SerialPort to port from Visual C++ to EBASIC en Aurora because I have this needed for my project at school.

With kind regards