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Convert int to double?

Started by kibalab, October 30, 2007, 08:46:52 am

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How to convert a int to double?
I have 2 integer var and 1 double var.

Now I want to do this:  myDouble = myInt1 / myInt2;

But the result is still integer!
What to do?


Hi, I'm not an Aurora expert but the sample below seems to work

Code Select

global sub main( )
   double myDouble;
   int myInt1, myInt2;

   myInt1 = 123;
   myInt2 = 456;
   myDouble = myInt1 / (myInt2*1.0);

   print (using("#.######",myDouble));
   print("press any key to close");
   While GetKey() = "";


Please let me know if I'm wrong




Thank you, the "*1.0" did it  :D