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IWBasic runs in Windows 11!

Dialog topmost

Started by ExMember001, October 14, 2007, 04:19:17 AM

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I'm able to get a window topmost adding AWS_EX_TOPMOST to the Ex flags, but with a dialog it doesnt works.
is it possible to set a dialog topmost?


i tryed also using ModifyStyleEx(AWS_EX_TOPMOST, null);
but doesnt works too... ???

Ionic Wind Support Team

According to a Google search you need to use SetWindowPos in response to @IDINITDIALOG to set the topmost bit of a modaless dialog.  Never tried it myself, but I do remember reading on MSDN a while ago that it doesn't work with modal dialogs.

Ionic Wind Support Team


thanks, ill take a look at this   :)