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PDF documentation for printing

Started by Doc, September 08, 2007, 07:38:29 AM

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Hey folks,
The zip file I've attached contains a PDF file of the "core" elements of Creative BASIC. Although the content remains unchanged from the help file, I've made a few "enhancements" that seem to make the text a little more printer friendly for U.S. "letter" sized documents.

These were the topics that I left out and/or will likely not ever do myself:

System Requirements
Getting Started
Using The Editor
The Dialog Editor
Using Resources
Quick Reference Guide
Creative BASIC system variables and constants
Appendix C Virtual-Key Codes

I've included the Open Office source file (.odt format) just in case you want to modify and/or add some of the missing stuff.  ;)




Peter B.


Gosh Doc .. you've been busy .. :)  I'm sure that will be useful .. :)

Tomorrow may be too late ..