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Planned Libraries

Started by Steven Picard, August 16, 2007, 11:12:00 AM

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Steven Picard

August 16, 2007, 11:12:00 AM Last Edit: August 16, 2007, 11:13:33 AM by Steven Picard
Since I am going to be using Aurora at work I am planning on porting\creating the following libraries to help ease my development on future projects:

* Visual Basic functions - in this I try and mimic as many Visual Basic functions as possible.  I've done this for other languages like Java and Javascript and to some degree C++.  It helps me to learn the language and at the same time create some nifty functions.  This include string functions, date functions, etc.  Aurora already has some nice string functions so this won't be too hard.
* FileSystemObject - This is found in the scrrun.dll (the scripting DLL) It is really a nice but is a bit inefficient and has some overhead.  It really makes working with files and drives very easy.
* System Information Class - retrieves system information such as CPU information, RAM, running process, etc.
* Windows and Application control Class - This is where you can get information about windows, running applications, control application, close applications, etc.
* ClipBoard class - complete control and subclassing of the clipboard.
* Hooking - This will be a series of DLLs used for code injection.  I actually have use of this functionality at work.
* Security Class - general security management class.
* ADO Class - This is a C++ class I came across that wraps ODBC in an ADO like wrapper.  I've used it in a project and thought it was nice and worked well with stored procedures, etc.

I am currently working Visual Basic and FileSystemObject functions and classes.  I will try and release all source code with the exception of the hooking DLL's.

Ionic Wind Support Team

Thanks Steven...looking forward to seeing your work.

Ionic Wind Support Team