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SocketTools Classes for Aurora

Started by Mike Stefanik, July 11, 2007, 06:44:08 PM

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Mike Stefanik

Many moons ago, I had released a beta test version of some classes that wrapped our SocketTools API. The idea was that it was going to be a separate product, a kind of spin-off from our Library Edition. Long story short, that never happened, but I spent some time basically revamping the old classes to use the current version of our API. Unlike its previous incarnation, this is not a complete package. It's an add-on for the Library Edition, and includes the function prototypes, import libraries and class source code (which are wrappers around the API), along with a number of examples.

For anyone that has the SocketTools 5.0 Library Edition and would like a copy of these, just shoot me an email or a PM here and I'll send it to you. Please also keep in mind that this isn't something official from my company; it's something I've done on my own time just because I enjoy working with Aurora. Consider this to be "beta" code, and for your own personal evaluation, etc.
Mike Stefanik
Catalyst Development Corporation