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Alpha2 update 1/25/2006

Started by Ionic Wind Support Team, January 25, 2006, 12:16:37 AM

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Ionic Wind Support Team

The Aurora Alpha2 version has been updated.  Download from the link provided when purchasing.

- The bug that Mike Stefanik found was fixed
- CRichEdit control class added.  See 'richedit.src' in the examples folder
- The bug in select(switch) when used with class members was fixed
- 'this' pointer is now properly typed.  i.e. this->member();  instead of *(someclass)this.member();
- A few OOP related bugs were fixed
- member classes are now supported and will be constructed/destructed.  Works with NEW as well.


class class1

class class2
class1 m_c1; //now works.

Global classes, those defined outside of a subroutine, are still not finished.  Should be ready for the next update.  Also the ODBC library is nearing completion.  Will need a few testers soon.

Have fun!
Ionic Wind Support Team


I dont mind testing the ODBC Paul. Also looking forward to global classes.


Steven Picard

Paul, I work with databases all day so I'll definately do testing with the ODBC.

BTW, by the end of this week I'll finally be done with my huge project at work (been taking up all my free time.)  I rarely have to work overtime but I have been lately quite a bit.  Once I'm done with my current project that should free up time to play with Aurora more and be a little more active on the community.

But for now, back to work for me.  ;D

Ionic Wind Support Team

The source archive and demo version will be updated on Friday...once my broadband is back in service. 
Ionic Wind Support Team

Ionic Wind Support Team

The source archive has been updated for this release.  Just redownload from the link provided wehn purchasing.
Ionic Wind Support Team

Ionic Wind Support Team

The demo version has been updated.
Ionic Wind Support Team