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IonicWind Snippit Manager 2.xx Released!  Install it on a memory stick and take it with you!  With or without IWBasic!

Any news?

Started by Doc, May 01, 2007, 10:03:38 PM

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Just curious as to what might be new in regard to the IWLP project... anything happening worth talking about?



Hi Doc ..  :) .. I imagine it's on hold with everything else, until Paul gets settled into his new situation.

I like your 'just say no to Vista' .. I've kicked it off my machine and re-loaded XP.  It wouldn't even do a screen saver with a flying textured flag anymore.   What a load of glossy rubbish ..  :)

best wishes,

Tomorrow may be too late ..


Hello Graham!

QuoteI imagine it's on hold with everything else, until Paul gets settled into his new situation.

...that's pretty much what I expect, but, ...well, you know! Wishful thinking and all. ;)

Heh, I already have a few "vista stories" to share when I have the time. :)


Rock Ridge Farm (Larry)

I spent a couple of weeks getting vista to run on a dual core 64 HP box.
Even though it is a new box vista is a dog.
Had to load new drivers for about everything I wanted to run and did not see any improvement over XP.
This box came with XP and a free upgrade to vista. You would think they would test this stuff.


and now for some Vista stories..

Owning nothing more than an almost 4 year old laptop, I decided that it was probably time to invest in a desktop as a backup. Soooo... I went out and bought a "low end" Compaq that had Vista HB installed. Yep, I admit that I wanted to satify my curiosity about the new O/S, if nothing else but to have some first hand experience when I too would eventually declare it to be a bunch of crap and put XP/Ubuntu on it. ;)

Make no mistake... as expected, Microsoft has delivered a real pig of an O/S in Vista. The UAC makes for a horrendous user experience and don't let anyone try to pursuade you otherwise. As a dedicated Linux user who is very much accustomed to providing passwords for root-level system changes, I cannot emphasize just how badly they messed it up.

Standard user account: As expected, installing more than just a few software titles brings on an almost endless array of UAC prompts, but even worse, they saw fit to completely annoy you with UAC prompts for simple things like removing and or re-naming shortcut's that *you* have placed on your own desktop... Highlight 4-5 at a time to delete from the desktop all at once and yes, you *will* answer a UAC prompt for each and every one. Shortcut's on the desktop for goodness sake.. what a crock!

Oh! I should add that several of my business related software titles and/or development tools won't run on Vista. Who would have guessed it?

As mentioned, the system is "low end" for Vista specs, but other than being a little short on RAM, it would otherwise be a great XP/Linux box. Vista runs like a dog on it. Can you spell S.L.O.W ??

No prob, I thought! After a day and a half of playing with it, I decided to wipe the drive and install XP and/or Ubuntu... yeah right!

I almost never found enough XP drivers for the new Vista approved hardware and in fact, never did find a useable sound card driver...

Okay, let's move on to Linux. Next I installed the Ubuntu release prior to the newest "Feisty Fawn" version and got everything working except for being stuck with 24 bit 1024x768 video resolution for the 19 inch flat screen monitor. If you've ever tried a high res monitor at a lower resolution, you'll know exactly what I mean when I say "useable but ugly".

I finally gave up and put Vista back on it until I can find a complete set of drivers for XP, so my brand new PC has been sitting unused for almost a month now. I did however finally try out "Feisty Fawn" a couple of days ago and got all of the hardware to work as needed and will finally be doing an O/S change this weekend. be continued.