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More Linux Questions...

Started by Doc, January 27, 2007, 04:42:44 PM

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January 27, 2007, 04:42:44 PM Last Edit: January 27, 2007, 04:52:56 PM by David Coker
The other thread was getting long and a bit twisted, so here's another place to yak about features and such.

I the other thread, Paul mentioned that there will be some obvious differences like the MDI control that won't be available in the Linux versions, but how about the embedded browser? Is there a solution planned using the cross-platform Mozilla version by chance?

If so, will that be another option for the Windows version also?  ???

There!'s been asked (way too early, I understand), but I just couldn't help myself.  ;)


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Well shoot! I might as well get this asked right up front as well...  ::)

Topic: Databases
Is there any possibility that with the Linux version at least, we might have a native interface to SQLite in place of (or in addition to  :o ) the MDB format used in the Windows products? Since I'm an "ask-er" instead of the "do-er" in this case, I can think of a bunch of reasons why this would be a perfect option... most of which revolve around the ability to use the data on any platform, including web servers.

There!'s been asked (way too early, I understand), but I just couldn't help myself (again).  ;)


Not that I would ever resort to bribery or anything like that, I do strongly feel another contribution coming on.  ;D  :-*  ;D  ;)

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Don't know about the database stuff yet, obviously there isn't ODBC in Linux but SQL is pretty standard in most languages there. 

I am planning on using the Mozilla control for a browser interface.

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Awesome, Mozilla will be great for the browser? What are your thoughts on using it for the windows versions too?



QuoteI am planning on using the Mozilla control for a browser interface.

That's terrific!  :D



Here's another question for Paul that came to mind...
I don't specifically recall ever seeing it as an option in the other Linux tools I've used, but what about embedded resources in the exec file?
Do you think that will be do-able?

Whenever it's feasible for an application, I just love the ability to distribute everything as a single executable and hope it will still be an option with the Linux products. If not, it wouldn't be a show stopper by any means, but a very cool addition just the same.


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Linux executables don't have a resource section.  One option would be including the data of a resource as straight binary, kind of like an INCBIN command. 
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An INCBIN command would be great. I'm making a 2D game with EBasic and being able to include the graphics in the executable would be great.