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Alpha update 12/29/2005

Started by Ionic Wind Support Team, December 29, 2005, 08:59:25 AM

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Ionic Wind Support Team

The Aurora alpha has just been updated.   Redownload and reinstall.

- Dialog class is now functional for modal dialogs.
- The dialog editor now works and generates complete skeleton code.
- GetCheck and SetCheck methods added to the button class, for radio and checkbox controls.
- The example program 'colorcontrols.src' was added to the build
- The listbox control class is complete. See the class definition CListBox in 'gui.inc' for a listing of methods
- The combobox class is partially completed.
- constants for the lisbox class are also in 'gui.inc'.

When using the dialog editor double click on the representation of the dialog to bring up the properties.  You can specify the derived class name and variable name to use when generating the skeleton code.

Not all controls are wired in yet for manipulation.  You can, however, create all of the control types.

Have fun,
Ionic Wind Support Team

Ionic Wind Support Team

I should also note that properties for the dialog and controls in the editor are also accessable by right-clicking to bring up the context menu.  Everyone seems to miss that ;)

Ionic Wind Support Team


This is very good Paul. There is a lot more detail in the skeleton code than there was in IBasic. Very good for getting code off the ground quickly.

Maybe once everything is done and the new IDE changes are underway then some skeleton options would be cool.



IDE changes... ;)
I realize though that getting the compiler working is the first priority though, the joys of being a part of an alpha :)