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Guess the Word ..

Started by GWS, November 28, 2006, 09:59:50 AM

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Hi folks,

The shelves in this shop look a bit bare at the moment - so in case any interested visitors are passing by, here's a little game to help fill the space ..

I'm sure there will be many others ..ÂÃ,  :)

Tomorrow may be too late ..


Thanks Graham! Cool game. :-)


Hi Vikki,

You still out there in the woods with husband, chain saw, tractor, and computer?  Hope everything is going great for you (yes, I miss all those uplifting Vdaw posts from a few years ago).

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Hey Mike,

Yep, still here and am back to programming after a long year of nasty things. I'm very happy to be back. Thanks for noticing. And, it's great to see you and everyone else! :-)

Rock Ridge Farm (Larry)

Tractors - mmmmmmmm - like tractors - have 14 of them.
O yeah - this is not the tractor forum - sorry.