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IWBasic runs in Windows 11!

Aurora is back

Started by Rock Ridge Farm (Larry), April 14, 2011, 08:18:22 AM

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Rock Ridge Farm (Larry)

April 14, 2011, 08:18:22 AM Last Edit: April 14, 2011, 02:49:56 PM by Rock Ridge Farm (Larry)
I have started working on Aurora once more.
I have the first version up - it is almost the same as 1.0 rc5.
I have made some internal changes to get things to compile the way
I like to do things. So if you have rc5 you do not really need this one.
I will be starting on Ver 2.0 with a target release of 9/1/2011.

This version is the donation ware version - cost $10.00
Ver 2 will be priced the same as IWB with the previous user discount.

Download link: http://ionicwind.com/aurora.html
Let me know if you run into problems - this is a new procedure.


Rock Ridge Farm (Larry)

I noticed 2 people had made a donation for Aurora.
I do not have the automated registration code completed.
So - I need you to email your Reg # and your name to ionicwind@ionicwind.com

Also - I have updated some stuff in the IDE so you will need to re-download if you have
downloaded today.



I've bought it today.

Just after install, if one says "launch ide after install", it crash !

After, when launching the ide all is ok.



John S

Hi Larry,
Awhile back, I did some engineering programming using Aurora.  I liked the GUI and I was planning on doing a lot more work using it.

What are your plans?  I noticed this thread is pretty old. 

John Siino, Advanced Engineering Services and Software


I am also interested in Aurora. (I even donated for it, but never received a license)
I hope there is still a future for it  :)