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Title: Corrected Compiled HTML Help for Aurora
Post by: John S on February 27, 2006, 10:59:55 PM
Here is a revised Aurora Help file.   This is still a work in progress.   Special thanks to Larry McClaughn for his sharp eyes in spotting errors.

I have made a number of edits/corrections (listed below).   I have modified heading sizes to suit comments and added a number of 'place holders' to fill out the help tree.   I did not have time to research and include the latest string printing functions created/added by Paul, nor did I add the alternate string function parameters mentioned by Larry.

I have also included the sources as a separate zip file.  Larry is working on creating individual html files for all functions listed in the include files in the \bin directory - thanks again Larry. 

If there is anyone wishing to contribute to this help file, you are more than welcome, but please notify me so I can coordinate things.  We don't want five copies of the same thing ;)   ( Paul and other gurus have posted several really neat discussions of various topics which when editted and formatted should fit nicely in the help system )

Revisions this update:
1.  revised Math Functions - see below
2.  revised String Function - see below
3.  added html place holders for empty subheadings in table of contents
4.  revised heading sizes
5.  added jpg of Aurora
6.  started discussion of intrinsic variable types (definitions, declarations and use)

Planned for next update:
  finish intrinsic variable types (add boxes and diagrams)
  describe pointers ( boxes and diagrams for visual depiction of pointer operations )
  describe arrays
  describe loops and program execution controls (for, while, if, ...)

Planned for future update(s):
  describe derived variable types (definitions, declarations and use)
  provide individual function htmls (Larry is working on this)
  describe OOP ( data abstraction, encapsulation, classes, etc. with diagrams for visual depiction of classes and objects )

list of correctioned function descriptions:
- CEIL, FLOOR - corrected 'otherdoubledouble', clarified return value 'otherdouble', added decimals to returned values in remarks.
- SEEDRND, RAND, RND - changed 'unsigned int' to 'AnUnSignedInteger' and 'float' to 'someRandomNum', added variable names in return values, corrected returned values
- All trig functions - corrected the radians/degrees mixup
- NumToStr - corrected description
- FormatDate - changed 'DD/MM/YYYY' to 'dd/MM/yyyy' to match formatting specifiers
- TrimLeft - corrected remarks
- StrFind - corrected return value description.
- StrSpace - fixed remarks to better indicate spaces between >   <
- StrRpt - changed variable name and corrected return value
Title: Re: Corrected Compiled HTML Help for Aurora
Post by: John S on February 27, 2006, 11:34:15 PM
rats!  I uploaded at 5 seconds to midnight and now it tomorrow ;)
see my previous post for the latest. Help file.