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Title: Alpha 2 update 2/08/2006
Post by: Ionic Wind Support Team on February 08, 2006, 12:41:53 AM
The Alpha2 version of Aurora has just been updated.

- The character classification functions posted in tips and tricks were added to the string library
- Default buttons now work as they should
- The compiler bug found by Lasse has been fixed
- Changing the text color in the IDE editor options now works
- LEN and BASELEN now work for intrinsic types.  LEN(float), LEN(int), etc.
- Tab control added to dialog editor.
- When compiling a project file the output tab would not switch to the 'Build' view.  Fixed.

I was in the middle of ripping apart the IDE when Lasse found that bug.  Thought the fix was important enough to throw it back together for the update. So if you find any IDE bugs let me know ;)

The demo and source archives have also been updated to this version.
Title: Re: Alpha 2 update 2/08/2006
Post by: lviklund on February 08, 2006, 05:41:34 AM
Thank's Paul :)
This bugfix also solved what I thought was a scooping problem. :D
I had problems with for (int i.....) and later for (int i....) again.
Maybe it was the same bug. That is over my head ???. Anyway, it works now.

BTW. Do you need help on the IDE or Linux?
In that case I would gladly help.