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Own IWBasic 2.x ? -----> Get your free upgrade to 3.x now.........

I lost the program due to a virus, my username password doesn't work.

Started by Destbimb, December 14, 2020, 03:46:47 PM

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     I had 3 versions of IW basic and the RS232 Add On.  I Also had Cbasic.  I am trying to get back on to the user area ... http://ionicwind.com/customers using the Username that was on the reset password email, and the password that I chose.  The 3 versions are
2.5 1


Is there a way to get back into the customer area and re-download these?

Rock Ridge Farm (Larry)

Your login is you email in uppercase.
Password is original one.
Sending you it in private mail.